New Ideas for Your Garden in 2018


We’ve decided to call this article ‘New Ideas’, just in case the ‘trend’ word puts some of our readers off. Let’s face it, your garden is a blank canvas to fill however you want. There are plenty of gardeners who want nothing to do with the latest trend. Instead the ideal is to create something unique and unusual. So, while we might be looking at garden designs and ideas that may well become very popular in 2018, these are just a few seeds to plant in your mind. It’s then down to you to run with them however you want to.

Working with Nature

The Japanese call it “Wabi-sabi” and have been practising it for centuries. It revolves around accepting the natural order of things and working with it. Nature grows, decays and dies, and it’s important for Wabi-sabi gardeners to keep a good balance between nature and nurture. Rejoice in your gardens imperfections, rather than always striving for clean cut and tidy. Sit back, relax and let nature do its thing. After all, it’s been doing it for thousands of years and is actually rather good at it.

Outdoor Living

Britain might not be well-known for its predictable weather, but it does have a few weeks of summer every year. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, as long as you’ve got somewhere to sit that’s warm and dry. Outdoor entertaining, and associated kitchen areas, has become very popular over the last couple of years and interest is not waning. If space in your home is a little limited, an outdoor area is the perfect solution. Comfy furniture, solar lighting, a fire pit, BBQ or pizza oven. What more do you need?

Grow Your Own

There’s a big lifestyle movement going on at the moment. Thousands of people around the world are choosing a more plant-based diet. Organic produce is also enjoying a rise in popularity. What better way to take part than to grow your own food. If you’ve got the space then a greenhouse will certainly increase your yield. Even if space is limited you can give growing your own a go. There’s no denying that home grown tastes best.

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