Signs that your windows need replacing


You might have the most wonderful home but if the windows look old, battered and worn – it can drag your property down. If windows are the eyes into the soul of your home, then they could well be crying. Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to get the professionals in:

  1. If opening or closing your windows has become a chore and something you try to avoid, then it’s time to replace them. On a lovely sunny day, you need to be able to throw open your windows and let in the sun and fresh air. If they are so stiff that you give up, then you have a problem.
  2. Being anywhere near the window makes you cold as draughts are flowing through.
  3. If there is obvious visible damage such as holes, stains or deterioration on or around the window frame.

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  1. If your home still has original windows that were put in prior to the seventies, they are most likely single pane windows. Single pane windows are not as strong, weather resistant or safe as modern double or triple-glazed windows. It’s time to think about an upgrade. For a Double Glazing Company Gloucester, visit
  2. When your windows become difficult to clean, you might want to think about the amazing features that come with new modern windows that make them so much easier to clean.
  3. If your windows are very outdated it can be difficult to find replacement parts when you need to as they might have been discontinued.
  4. If you notice that your energy bill has increased, and you can’t see why, it could be that your heating is working harder to keep the house warm because your windows are letting in cold air and allowing your nice warm heated air to escape.

8.If you’re getting disturbed by noise from outside, even when your windows are shut, then your windows are no longer providing adequate insulation.

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  1. If you still have single pane glass, the UV rays from the sun could be fading and damaging your upholstery, wallpaper, carpet and furniture. Single pane windows offer almost no protection from UV rays which enter your home and have a detrimental effect on your interior. Modern technology in glass is highly effective in blocking UVA rays and UVB light.
  2. When your windows start to look bad, it has a negative effect on the value of your home and its kerb appeal. Performance is key, but contemporary windows have the additional benefit of looking slick and stylish as well. New windows will also increase the value of your property.