3 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Home Security


Is your locked door enough to protect you? For many homeowners, it simply isn’t enough. They want to boost security without working with a major alarm. In today’s modern tech-savvy world, there are items that can boost protection levels without requiring the need of a full house system. Some of these items may seem rather basic, but they could be enough to ward off the potential burglar.

Upgrade Your Door Handle

The main entry to your home is the doorway, and, while a criminal may break a window or find another method, chances are they want quick access without a mess. That means securing exits should be a major priority. Look at upgrading handles with securitech door hardware. You want items that are sturdy, and make it hard to break through.

Add a Camera

A popular product at the moment, home cameras act as your eyes. Some are small and work simply on the door frame. These give you views of who is knocking or ringing the bell. Others are a bit larger (thus more pronounced) and give an overview of the street. Select something that is noticeable. Robbers don’t want to get caught on video; therefore, having devices such as this could discourage their activity. Often live stream is available too, sending pictures directly to your phone.

Increase Lighting

The night-time prowler lurks in the darkness because it offers a cloak for cover; therefore, when the sun goes down, it’s just harder to see, giving the thief natural defense. Fight this by adding outdoor lighting with motion sensors. As soon as a body nears your yard, the flood light comes on, revealing your looter and discouraging additional movement. It doesn’t need to blare. A simple cast of light could be enough to show a face, chasing away unwanted activity.

Sleep well at night knowing that you have shielded your loved ones. A few upgrades could help ease your nerves.