5 Common Misconceptions On Aircon Servicing


For every family in Singapore, Aircon is one of the most important electronic devices, which is why you also need to follow the best repair practices. However, the biggest problem with Aircon services is that there are too many misunderstandings about services, and people misunderstand that people can’t get the best results in their services. If you want to learn more about this misunderstanding, here are five common mistakes about Aircon Services that are common among many users. You can access our website  https://www.serviceairconsingapore.com for more information.

If it works well, no aircon servicing is required:

The biggest misconception about air conditioning services is that if you are doing well, you don’t have to worry about the service. As I said, this is one of the biggest mistakes. Due to this myth, your air conditioning equipment may have many problems. This is a simple rule, and if a machine is working properly, it will face some wear and tear. You may not suffer any obvious damage due to the wear and tear of the AC, but in the long run, this small problem will become a major problem and will stop working. Also, minor damage can affect the performance of your bathroom, you may not be able to get the most out of it, and you may also need to pay a higher electricity bill. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you continue to use the air conditioning service to avoid any problems or troubles caused by air conditioning.

Changing the air filter every month is a waste of money:

This is one of the more common misconceptions among air conditioning service users. It is believed that if the air conditioning filter works well, then replacing it monthly is a waste of money, and they would rather not do so. Ok, I am grateful for the worry of saving money, and it seems to be wasting money. But many people don’t know that air filters are very important for air filtration, and clean air filters can help you easily have a cool home. Similarly, dirty air filters can increase the load on the refrigerator and increase the cost of electricity. This means that by saving money on air conditioning services or air filters, you will increase your electricity usage and lose more money. In addition, the extra load in the bathroom will affect the performance of the air conditioning equipment, you will need to carry out regular maintenance, which is caused by a simple mistake and the loss of money. Therefore, a good idea is that you don’t believe this myth or misunderstanding.

Air conditioning services are always expensive:

Another common misconception about car service is that it is very expensive and can undermine your monthly budget. Because these misunderstandings do not continue to serve the car, they ignore the regular service and only call the mechanic when they stop working. Here, you need to know that the cost of repairing the bathroom will always be higher than the regular service, and the regular service will also provide better heat dissipation for your home. Moreover, as long as you choose the right company to get the job done, the cost of maintaining the service is very reasonable. In addition, you can offer an annual reputable service contract with a reputable service provider to get timely, reliable communication from him in a cost-effective manner.

You can ignore the slight decrease in cooling level:

This is a myth that not only affects the performance of air conditioners, but also increases electricity bills. Many people know that 10% of the refrigerators are OK, they can skip the replacement of the refrigerator until the next air conditioning service. As far as I am concerned, I don’t recommend anyone to make this mistake, because reducing the cooling capacity by 10% will increase the extra load on air conditioning equipment by 20%. This means it has to spend 20% more on the cooling process so you get less cooling. An increase in the load on the air conditioner will also increase the amount of electricity used, and you will have to pay more for the electricity to reduce comfort. So if you think you can ignore the cooler for the next room service, then I think this is your misunderstanding and you need to change your point of view immediately. The same is true for other liquids that are important for cooling the room. Therefore, if you see a drop in air conditioning during air conditioning maintenance, ask your mechanic to fill the coolant with other maintenance work.

You can choose any multi-service provider for air conditioning services:

Many people also believe this misunderstanding that all technicians or companies providing air conditioning services in Singapore are the same and provide the same results. However, this misunderstanding has nothing to do with reality, because any air-conditioning service company can only provide you with the best results if you have enough experience, knowledge and permission. If they don’t have the basics, you may not get the best results from that particular air-conditioning service company, and you may encounter many complications or problems due to this error.

So, let me repeat, if you want to get the best service without worrying about air conditioning, make sure you only choose a reputable air conditioning service company. Also, when choosing a company or signing with them, make sure you talk about the “warranty” section, and if you don’t get a satisfactory response from any particular service provider, choose not to choose a company under any circumstances.