Choose an Outstanding Local Pest Control Firm


The realisation that your property is suffering from an infestation of unwanted guests can be horrifying but please, take a deep breath and pick up the phone. A local pest control specialist is waiting on the other end of the line. An experienced professional offers a swift response and effective solutions without attracting attention or presenting an eyewatering bill.

A quick search online reveals the best from the worst service providers in your area.
When you look for pest control Theale, Tadley pest control or Reading pest control please don’t pick the first name on the list unless you have complete confidence from reviews that they will meet expectations at an affordable fee. Quick response is vital; when a company tells you that you must wait for a consultation, move to another service provider, unless you like sharing your domestic or commercial space with pests.
One of the leading specialists is Pest Control Berkshire who also serve Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.
Choosing a local Reading pest control specialist safeguards you and your property:

  • Pests pose health and safety risks.
  • You are legally obliged to act on pest issues.
  • Pest issues left unaddressed by professionals can compromise insurance, mortgage, maintenance and tenancy agreements.
  • Pest control Theale, Reading, Tadley, Swindon and Oxford specialists normally offer same day consultations. Some offer 1 hour response.
  • A qualified specialist survey means an accurate assessment and practical, infestation and pest specific recommendations for treatment.
  • The call out and treatment fees cost much less than a loss of reputation, lost business, fines and legal action through inaction.
  • DIY treatments are not usually comprehensive and long lasting. The licence holder only pest control treatments are highly efficient and carry guarantees.
  • The specialist administering treatment appreciates the risks involved. PPE and RPE are provided and the chemicals are delivered to the exact locations required. Untrained people often over or under administer their treatments, placing themselves, family, colleagues and animals at risk.

Not all pests require eradication; bees, wasps, moles and squirrels are often relocated to a more convenient spot.
There are 6000 species of fly in the UK. Specialists can create unique fly control programmes for establishments; a zapper or insecticide is insufficient.
Cockroaches enjoy humid and unlit locations but can bear cool temperatures. They consume almost anything, even revolting options, to survive. Cockroach Tadley pest control specialists advise that services vary with the species.
It is prudent to check around a property, its grounds and any outbuildings regularly to be sure that pests haven’t made your property their home. Rodents, bees and wasps areprevalent and they happily nest in tree trunks, a discreet corner, behind beams, RSJ’s or joists, in a chimney, in an attic or a compost heap.
Untreated, woodworm live for 2-5 years in timber, consume the natural cellulose in the wood and tunnel deep in to it.
Moles tunnelling activities can cause injury to humans and animals and break machinery; if you spot a molehill, call in Reading pest control experts.
Pests increase rapidly. Pest controllers can reclaim your property quickly, restoring peace of mind.