Different Kinds of Inground Pools


Installing an inground pool in your backyard is a valuable and undoubtedly fun addition to your home. However, there are different options to choose from and many pros and cons of each that you must consider before you break ground in your yard. If you need help discerning between the different kinds, here are some of the differences between concrete, fiberglass and vinyl pools.


A concrete pool would be the best option if you’re looking to implement a custom or unique pool design. The concrete can be poured in any shape to create a pool of any width and depth, and you can add any features you like, such as vanishing edges or a sloping entry. In this sense, concrete pools can be the most attractive option because they seamlessly become part of your landscaping. Concrete pools are also very durable, but they require the most maintenance to keep them looking beautiful.


Fiberglass pool designs are less flexible than concrete in terms of shape and size, but they still allow for some customization options, such as water features and lights. If maintenance is your biggest concern, a fiberglass pool may be the best option for you. The smooth shell of the pool prevents algae growth and doesn’t require much upkeep. The installation is faster than concrete pools, but the initial cost is about the same. Check out fiberglass pools Missouri for the various available options.


Vinyl pools come with many considerations. They are the cheapest option initially, but they do have a high lifetime cost since liners only last a few years. However, vinyl liners are more flexible than fiberglass because they can be installed in any shape and size, allowing you to design it more to your liking. They are also very low maintenance, similar to fiberglass. If you choose a vinyl pool, just be careful not to puncture the liner.

To make sure you’re choosing the best pool for you and your home, you can always contact an expert for more information.