Is it worth changing the flush button?


The bathroom is a hub of activities, fitted with small equipment but everything in there needs to be working at all times. Every once in a while, something gets broken in the bathroom and it needs replacing. Sometimes, you feel the need to remodel your bathroom to achieve a new look. Here are tips to help you remodel your bathroom without spending a fortune.

Replace your toilet seat
During bathroom renovations, toilet seats are not considered as important as the toilet bowl and tank, however, the toilet seat is quite important, it is the place you spend the most time. A broken toilet seat or one that is just not comfortable should be replaced immediately. There is a wide variety of toilet seats in terms of colour, style, and even height. The toilet seat you choose will be determined by your needs. Use a toilet trainee as your replacement toilet seat if you live with a toddler and a padded toilet seat for the elderly. The good news is that if your toilet bowl is looking good but your toilet seat is uncomfortable or you just need a change, you can just remove your old toilet seat and fix your replacement toilet seat to the bowl rim.

Update your fixtures
Towel racks, light fixtures, and sink faucets may seem insignificant but updating them will bring a huge difference in your bathroom. The cost of the fixtures will depend on the quality you choose. however, you could check out those fancy fixtures in magazines and then try looking for replicas at a cheaper price in local home improvement stores. you will have your dream bathroom without spending too much money.

Paint the tiles
Maybe you go to your bathroom but you just can’t stand your bathroom tiles. Replacing them would require quite a lot of money, however, painting them would give the tiles a new look without spending too much money. It is however temporary as the pain will come off after some time, but it will give your bathroom the much-needed new look. Professional painters recommend that you use a good oil-based primer. Here, you have a chance to get creative with your work, decide on the design you are going to paint your tiles, you don’t have to paint them all neither do you have to paint them the same colour.

Work on your lighting
Typically, bathrooms have little access to natural light, that’s why you need to be very careful with your lighting. Proper lighting will improve the mood of your bathroom as well as help you keep it clean. Consider a dimmer light for the main area, but add more light fixtures around the mirror to allow you good lighting when doing your hair, makeup or shaving. The shower too would do with some more light; you are likely to enjoy your shower better when you feel safe. A well-lit shower is a safe shower.

You do not need to go all out to attain that bathroom you want for your home. Small changes here and there will go a long way in making your bathroom your dream bathroom.