Lake and Pond Maintenance Practices


Lakes and ponds are beautiful and useful landscape features weather located in the urban or rural environment. They can be used for recreation, water sports, fishing, and preserving aquatic ecosystems. However, if left unattended, the quality of ponds and lakes may deteriorate, making a once attractive body of water unhealthy, and even dangerous. Here are three essential pond and lake management practices that can help preserve these water bodies.

Weed and Algae Control

During certain seasons of the year, lakes and ponds are prone to aquatic weeds and algae infestations. If these weeds and algae are not removed on time, they can overgrow and cover the entire water or floor surface. Overgrown weeds and algae can wipe out other aquatic life forms, spoil the water quality, and interfere with lake activities such as rowing, fishing, and watersports. Weeds and algae should be removed promptly using eco-friendly means that cause little or no harm to the lake or pond.

Fish Restocking

A healthy balance of aquatic species maintains the delicate pond’s or lake’s ecosystem. With unchecked fishing, especially on small lakes and ponds, the fish population can go down alarmingly. When this happens, other species dependent on the fish may also start to die off. Fish restocking maintains a lake’s ecosystem by ensuring there are no gaps in the food chain. It also increases the biodiversity of lakes and ponds.

Aeration System Installation

Aeration plays an essential role in lake management and maintenance. It involves installing specially designed systems that increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Aeration improves the water quality, manages PH levels, and controls algae blooms. This makes the pond or lake a much better habitat for fish and aquatic plants.

With the growing global concerns over environmental sustainability, there is an increased need to conserve all water bodies, big and small. Regular lake maintenance is one way of ensuring that inland water bodies are preserved.