Local Blind Fitting Services


Please use professional blind fitters

Many people view blind installations as a DIY task and learn the hard way, through inferior performance, that they should have opted for trained, qualified experts to carry out the work instead. It’s easier and diminishes the risk of issues in the months and years after fitting.
By choosing a renowned local company like Smart Blinds, a family firm with showrooms in Thatcham and Caversham, you can enjoy confidence that you’re working with the best and they won’t let you down at any stage in the blind selection, the free measuring and blinds fitting process.

Achieve excellence with window blinds

Window blinds are space saving, they don’t drift in to the room or cover the floor with pooling material as curtains do.
Light and privacy levels can be adjusted as necessary.
Blinds are produced in a range of options, with manual and motorised operational capacities, to suit professional and domestic spaces, in a variety of materials and designs. Use corporate colours, enhance existing designs and impress with clean lines.
Blind fitting options include:

  • Venetian blinds.
  • Roller blinds.
  • Faux wood blinds.
  • Roman blinds.
  • Vertical blinds.
  • Motorised blinds – in roller, Venetian, Roman, vertical and for roof blinds.

Blinds add to the securityof a property; especially motorised options which are app controllable from off-site.
75% of home window dressings remain in the same position every day. Movement to control temperature and choosing the right solution for you are vital to save you money.

Enjoy choice

Roller blindsare the country’s favourite. They feature a top rail and a cord for pulling blinds up and down. Available in lined fabrics, plastic and wood in a wide range of colours, these blinds can be installed in almost any space.
Roman blinds differ to roller blinds in one vital way, instead of a rail these blinds have a pole for the material to wind around which makes them a more luxurious solution.
Venetian blinds have horizontal slats and are produced in natural and painted finishes with slat width options.
Faux wooden blinds are made from PVC and are a moisture resistant solution; ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.
Vertical or track blinds fitting is most common in commercial spaces; these blinds have top to base of the window slats and are available in a range of materials.
Wooden Venetian and track blinds can be supplied with co-ordinated headrails, cords, valance and ladder braids; perfect for design continuity.
Motorised blinds are the future of window adornment. Operation of single or multiple blinds simultaneously via an electronic device means that you don’t need to be on the property to move them. Sun and temperature sensors react to conditions and security is maximised because even when no one is on site, the blinds movement suggests you are.  Specialist blind fitters are always necessary with this option.
Whichever style of window blind you opt for, professional blind fitters ensure correct installation, long term optimum performance and offer a peace of mind guarantee. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of their expertise?