Loft Extension or Move House – What are the Pros and Cons?


Fulham Lofts have the experience and skilled team it takes to transform even the dreariest of lofts into your dream space. Many people are choosing to extend their homes instead of moving. If you are considering which one is best right now here are a few things to consider before making a decision.

Beat the Stress

While having workmen in your home for major works can be unsettling to your routine, moving home is invariably a lot more traumatic. Selling usually takes time, often months to find a buyer and go through the whole selling process. Not forgetting you also have the added stress of searching for a new home and also going through the buying process. Double stress! Comparing the two options, extending your home or a loft conversion is a invariably a lot less stressful.

Money Matters

Fulham Lofts can provide an affordable solution. The cost of an extension depends a lot on your existing space. Nevertheless, in most circumstances a conversion will cost less than moving to a bigger house and selling. Even so, the change has to be rational. Making changes that will render your property harder to sell in the future might not be the best foot forward. For example, sacrificing important storage space or making other rooms smaller. This is where Fulham Lofts can help right from the start. Our architects and designers can help you access what is possible and practical; therefore the right design decision for you.

Change for the Better?

The loft area of your home can usually be converted into extra living space.

  • Home Office or Theatre
  • Guestroom
  • Play Room
  • Extra Bathroom

However, while you might think this is going to be the answer to your space issues a lot depends on your existing property. The design of your existing loft might demand a complete roof lift for example and this can be a very expensive task. Speak to the professionals first. Fulham Lofts can provide sound advice with regards to whether there are other options or if a loft extension is the best option available. You do not want to be spending money on a loft extension that ultimately will not be a change for the better.

What we Offer

Fulham Lofts can provide state of the art conversions that will not only provide more space, but also improve the exterior view of your property. We can bring light and functionality to what is currently wasted space. Our team of experienced experts will listen to your specific needs, lifestyle and budget – From there we can provide bespoke solutions that will transform your life!

You can trust Fulham lofts to improve your family’s standard of living at a price you can afford. Invariably, our design solutions will also increase the value of your property.

Contact us to discuss your particular requirements. We can help you balance the pros and cons of going ahead with a loft extension.