Three categories of water damage


There are many reasons of water damage, to your property, commercial or residential. Even a small amount of water can cause damage to your property and give you stress. Immediate action to fix the problem can give you relief from trauma and decrease the extent of water damage. The professionals from water damage Restoration Company know how much it is important to deal, assess and repair the problem on urgent basis. These professionals work efficiently to maintain the standards set by government, and they practice in remediation and safety of building.

Standing water causes moisture which creates bacteria, mildew, mold and allergic diseases. The moist environment gives unpleasant odor and increases the water damage. We may not realize the extent of damage unless a professional make an assessment of the damaged area. For us our property may just need water extraction and drying up. Only a professional technician can reveal the actual damage and cost.

Water damage may be caused by any reason, natural or by default, cannot be ignored and need rapid removal of water and drying out the area. Many factors are involved as the process of extraction is started by water restoration company.

Source of water, amount of water and duration of water standing in area is important knowledge technicians should evaluate before the restoration procedure start. The type of material used in the building is assessed for further accessibility. May be the water damage is not sudden and leakage was undetectable for a longer period of time. This causes more damage than quick water entrance, like flood or heavy rain.

There are different categories of water damage which is based on the level of contamination of water responsible for damage.

Category 1 water damage; means fresh water, from sources like rain, melt water, broken supply line and sprinkler system. This water is not contaminated and does not create any health risk on exposure to indigestion or inhalation. This is safe for human consumption and originates from safe source.

Category 2 water damage; means water is contaminated and can cause illness or discomfort if humans consume or come in contact with it. The source of this type is contaminated with chemicals or biological matter like detergents, diluted waste materials or seepage from hydrostatic pressure. This is called grey water.

Category 3 water damage; includes water from sanitary pipes, flood water and standing water contaminated with bacteria, fungi, microbes and raw waste. This type of water can easily cause serious health issues resulting in death.

The right choice of equipment for removal and cleaning up depends on the extent of water damage and category of water damage. After damage assessment the restoration procedure started.

Evacuating water; pumps and wet vacuums are used to remove water from the affected area to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Drying up; Drying and dehumidification is very important to remove any moisture present in air and from the structure. Air scrubbers are used to improve the air quality. It took many weeks to dry up the area completely.

Sanitization: everything should be removed and cleaned properly according to the material of the object. All personal things should be sanitized to avoid mold growth, particularly the fabric based.

Restoration: the main and biggest procedure is restoration of structure inside the building. It includes replacement of dry walls, wooden floors and insulation.