Turf vs Seed – Which is the Best?


For anyone considering a lawn, the first quandary is whether to lay turf or plant seed. There’s no one size fits all answer, as it really depends on circumstances. The best way to help you solve the dilemma is to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both and then leave it up to you to decide.
The Benefits of Using Lawn Turf
The most obvious benefit is that lawn turf is an instant solution. As soon as it has been laid you can sit and enjoy looking at it. Using it, however, will mean waiting a month or two, to allow it to settle in and root. It can be an excellent way of making repairs to an already grassed area, but can be very time consuming to do. Lawn turf can be an excellent choice if you want a grassed slope, as it won’t wash off in heavy rain. When it comes to watering, lawn turf will require much less than grass seed. Laying turf is a job that can be done anytime of the year, although the winter is better.
The downside of using lawn turf is that it is very expensive. There is also far less choice. If you live in Lancashire you’re in luck, because Greenvale delivers 5 days a week. You will, however, have to lay it as soon as possible after it has been delivered.
The Benefits of Using Lawn Seed
The biggest advantage in using seed is the cost. On average you can expect to pay a tenth of the cost. If you just want to repair a small area of an already grassed lawn it can be a very quick and simple solution. There is a much wider choice of grass seed, and it is very easy to get the type of lawn to suit your needs. There is lawn seed that produces a drought tolerant lawn, as well as seed that suits a much shadier area. Play lawns or ornamental lawns are two more options. You can even get lawn seed that is mixed with wild flowers for that meadow feel. Sowing lawn seed is much easier than laying turf and takes a fraction of the time. It’s possible to save any unused seed so you can make easy repairs in the future.
So what about the downside? Once the seeds have been sown the lawn will require a lot more aftercare and watering. It is not a very instant solution as you will have to look at bare earth for a number of weeks. And it will be a couple of months before it’s established.
So there you have it. The bare facts laid out for your convenience. With regards quality, there is very little to choose between the two. Grass seed will not provide a better lawn, although there are many more types to choose from. Preparation for both is exactly the same as well.
One other option worth mentioning is seed sheet. They do require the correct installation and can work very well, particularly for steep slopes. However, this method is extremely expensive.