Why To Hire a Professional Instead of DIYing a Plumbing Repair


Homeowners who are pretty handy with tools, often choose to perform repairs and maintenance around their homes and yards. This is generally a great way to save money, but there are some repairs that should be handled by professionals. Plumbing is one of these jobs, and there are a lot of reasons to invest in professional work.

Your Home Warranty Could Suffer

Sometimes, home warranties have clauses that specify who can complete repairs, especially when it comes to plumbing. If you try to handle major plumbing concerns on your own, you could void the warranty. The value of that protection is usually much higher than the amount you may have saved.

It’s Too Easy To Make Mistakes

Without the proper training and equipment, it’s very easy to use the wrong tools or complete repair steps in the wrong order. Some of the most common DIY repair mistakes include using the wrong slope for drains, choosing pipes with the wrong size and shape, placing fittings inappropriately, and neglecting to ground plumbing appropriately.

The Potential for Injury Is High

Unfortunately, making a mistake while working isn’t the most serious issue you face when trying to handle your own plumbing repairs. The risk of injury is high while working with corrosive chemicals, water under high pressure, and electricity. Professionals such as those at batavia plumbing are well-trained in safety measures and protocols.

You Don’t Have the Right Supplies or Training

Deciding which repairs you can handle on your own often comes down to whether you have the right equipment and training. Some of the tools necessary for safely completing plumbing repairs are very expensive, and if they are used infrequently may not be a worthwhile investment. The right training is also a huge factor in deciding whether you can do a repair on your own. Professionals don’t have to guess what the problem is or hope they’ve understood instructions correctly; they have gone through a rigorous training process.

Don’t put your safety, your warranty, and your plumbing at risk. When you’ve got a major plumbing situation, turn to a professional.