5 Habits To Help Keep Your House Clean And Tidy


We all want a clean home but we don’t all want to put in the time and effort to get the job done. The biggest obstacle to get in the way is that we just don’t have the free time to do it. We’re all running around some place, meeting friends and meeting deadlines, and the condition of the house suffers. 

You may be used to calling a house cleaning and maid service in Midlothian, but that’s only good for every once in a while. These five habits can help you stay up to speed with ensuring that your home looks its best between those professional cleanings. 

1. Your Bed

The minute you get up and get yourself ready to take on the day, pause for a minute or two and make the bed. Some people have a thing about not being able to start their day if the bed is unmade and really who can blame them. An unmade bed is not only a bad look but it feels like you haven’t completed a simple yet significant task ahead of time. 

Besides, think how much nicer it will be to come to a bed that’s been made instead of a bed that has sheets, blankets, and pillows all strewn about. 

2. Consider the Best Time to Do Laundry

Whether you’re one of those people who does laundry each day or lets it all accumulate so as to put it all in the wash once a week, doing your laundry is an essential exercise that must be done on a regular basis. But just because the laundry needs to get done doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold to do it.

Choose a specific time of the day and stick to it, based on your plans for that day. Sometimes the morning will be more ideal, sometimes the evening. Either way, selecting the time that won’t conflict or interfere with your plans will make getting your laundry finished a whole lot more relaxing. 

3. The Kitchen

Two things really need to be clean – your dishes and your countertops. Don’t let the former pile up in the sink and don’t let the latter accumulate dirt and grime. In both cases, working towards ensuring your dishes and countertops are clean will make a huge difference. That means rinsing those dirty dishes and putting them in the dishwasher and wiping those surfaces thoroughly to make your house clean

4. Sweep Up

This is especially important for homes with pets as their dirt and hair can really mar the appearance of your home by getting clogged up around the edges of the floor. Sweep up what your pets leave behind and you’ll see your home looks and smells fresh and new all the time. 

5. Tidying Up

Look around, notice anything out of place are that doesn’t belong where it is currently. Moving those items from where they are now to where they ought to be will help you to tidy up your home so that it’s not cluttered or looking haphazard. Everything in it’s right place and a right place for everything. That’s the best way to live.