How do Solar Panels work?


If you are weighing the option of installing a solar panel or you’ve read about the massive momentum surrounding solar panels across the United States, you may be interested to know more about how they work. Solar energy is just working into a mainstream product within the energy market. Many experts are even suggesting that it could be one of our most popular energy sources by the year 2050. Understanding how these solar panels work to generate electricity could help guide your decision in installing them yourself.

How They Work

Most standard solar panels today are produced using a layer of silicone cells with a metal frame and a glass casing. The framing casing work to protect these cells and ensure current flow throughout the silicon. The silicon on board can absorb sunlight and then converted into electricity. When the light interacts with the cell it will set the electrons in motion and initiate a flow of current. This effect is known as the photovoltaic effect and is the base level of what makes a solar panel work.

As the silicon cells absorb the sun’s rays, the electrons will flow in a current and captured through the wiring in nodes in the panel. The panel feeds the direct current in a channeled energy source of DC energy into a solar inverter. The solar inverter is then responsible for converting that power into alternating current which can be used throughout the electrical system in your home.

Most systems today are tied into the grid or built with an efficient battery system. A grid tie solar system can send excess electricity back to the grid with the option to store some of it in battery power to make sure that you always have access to power even when the solar cells are not generating power.

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