Important Fireplace Tools


Burning firewood Central West NSW is not an easy task, if you believe that just by lighting the wood on fire you have a comfortable fireplace then you could not be more wrong. Maintaining a fireplace and its fire is one of the most difficult tasks, there are few different tools that you will need for this purpose. A fireplace always makes a great addition to a home and that is true for a couple of different reasons.
A fireplace is perfect for setting a mood to a room and for keeping everything warm and cozy. There are two kinds of fireplaces that you can find, one is wood burning and the other is gas burning. Wood burning fireplaces are better as they have a more traditional look and feel. Some of the tools that you will need are mentioned below.
The first fireplace tool that you will need is a poker. The poker is a long metal rod that is used to poke the firewood Central West NSW. Firewood needs oxygen to keep on burning and that is where a poker comes in handy. If the firewood is kept in just one position for a long period of time then it can start to run out of oxygen because of the rate at which it is burning. By poking the wood and shifting its positon the fire can get more oxygen and it can start to burn better and faster.
The other kind of tool that you will need is a bellows. This tool is a bag, with a spout and two handles, the bellows is pointed towards the firewood. When the handles are moved in up and down motion then they blow air from the spout. With every burst of air, oxygen is added to the firewood Central West NSW which makes the fire burn more efficiently. Bellows adds oxygen to just one specific spot in the fireplace and that is what makes it such an important tool. With this tool you are able to add oxygen to the areas of the firewood that really need more oxygen.
The last tool that you will need is a shovel, the shovel is used to clean any debris that may fall on the bottom of the fireplace. It is important to clean this debris often because it will affect the smoke that is produced by the fire. Black smoke is not something that you want your fireplace to produce, that is why always use the shovel.
These were three of the main tools that you will need for your fireplace. Lighting firewood Central West NSW might be easy, but keeping it alight is difficult as fire needs a lot of attention. Each of these tools has a very specific use and that is why you will need every single one of these tools. If you don’t yet have a fireplace in your home, then you should certainly consider adding one because it can change the look and feel of your home.