Ways to Go Green at Home


It would be unfair to say that we forget our Earth Day resolutions the very next day, but it would be true to admit that the majority of us do not stick to them.

Well, because hardly any of us know when the Earth Day comes around, let alone take resolutions on that day.

But if you took some resolutions and they proved to be a bit difficult to follow, here are some simple ways in which you can go easy on the planet starting from your own house.

What do you have on your plates?

A place where you can begin to think about the impact that our small habits have on the Earth is the plate that you are holding in your hands. With commercial farms into the picture, most of the food products are brought in from long distances. This has reduced the circulation of locally grown produce in the market.

The problem with using food that is grown on faraway lands is that a lot of energy is wasted in transporting it to different places. Locally grown produce on the other hand uses much less fuel to reach your nearest marketplace.

Besides the fuel that goes into its transportation, massive amounts of pesticides and preservatives are used to prevent the spoilage of food during the long journey. You can look for farmers’ markets or cooperatives to find locally grown foods. You can find out which are the seasonal fruits or vegetables available in the market and buy them at your local grocer.

It may sound as if we’re stretching it a bit far, but you can try staying off meat once in a week. A lot of energy is consumed in producing the processed meat that is available in the market, besides the energy that is spent in its transportation.

Remembering the Basics

Certain measures are now treated as basics when it comes to going green such as not making use of traditional shower heads, incandescent light bulbs and high flow toilets. Besides saving significant amounts of energy and water they can also help you to cut down on your utility bills. Another basic measure that most green advocates suggest is making greater use of public transportation and using share rides.

Don’t be a Hazard

The importance of recycling should receive greater emphasis in the case of electronic waste. No matter how smart our phones and computers may have become they are still incapable of disposing themselves safely. Electronic waste contains mercury and other such dangerous heavy metals. The presence of such hazardous metals necessitates their proper disposal.

However, we would be highly mistaken if we consider only electronics to be toxic waste. Many cleaning supplies, detergents and certain hair products contain lye and ammonia which can find its way into our water supply. There are many companies which manufacture products which do not contain toxic substances, are natural and also organic. They can be easily found in department stores.

Clean Up After Yourself

An effective way to save our planet would be to recycle more at work and also at home. You can also reuse plastic containers and recycle whatever waste material is recyclable. Plastic is the biggest threat to the ecosystem at the moment and avoiding its use can go a long way in restoring the health of our planet.

Borrowing media and books from the library is a great way to prevent the use rather than taking the efforts to recycle or reuse. It makes you save on ink, paper and also the energy costs which printing is responsible for. You can also inculcate the practice of sending more emails. Sending documents electronically or going paperless can save hundreds of pounds which are spent in generating and supplying paper.

If your office has a kitchen space you can carry your own coffee mug to work and in this way save several paper cups a day. At home it is possible to avoid the use of plastic crockery altogether by making use of tableware. Such practices can lead to drastic reduction in deforestation in the years to come.

In the digital age, using paper is not only primitive but also a destructive practice. Traditionally important documents were always preserved in the form of a hard copy. However, now it is possible to draft important documents such as your Will by using a Will template which can be easily downloaded from the internet and can also be stored in its digital format.

Every small step that we take in the direction of going green can undo to a certain extent the extensive damage that we have caused to our planet over the last few decades.