What Role Do Windows Play In A Home?


You may not spend a lot of time thinking about how choosing the right windows can make a huge difference to your home. In general, most homeowners don’t think about their windows until there’s a problem with them. But before you face a crisis that has you running out to your local window replacement virginia beach store, consider this: Spending the extra time to take care of your windows will help your entire house thrive and stay strong no matter what the weather. However, it only makes sense that you wouldn’t think about the vital roles windows play when it comes to your home protection. Why think about a fixture that simply sits there and doesn’t seem to provide any other real purpose other than filtering in a bit of light? If you imagine that your windows aren’t essential to your home’s stability, resale value, and energy efficiency, however, you’ve got it all wrong. Keeping your windows safe means keeping your home safe, plain and simple. If you’re not sold on the idea, here are a few things you need to know.

Windows Increase Curb Value

Where would your home be without its windows? Apart from turning into a lightless, airless shack, it would significantly lose a lot of its appeal from the outside. When judging a house’s worth, many realtors and prospective buyers judge a property based on curb value. That means that if it looks nice from the outside, it will instantly be worth more. Even if it means putting up a flower box or two or re-painting your door, doing anything you can to increase curb value is always a great idea. By this logic, taking care of your front-facing windows should always be a priority. Without windows looking out, your home would lose most of its value, aesthetic appeal, and any claims it might have to coziness. However, in many cases, old-looking or badly taken care of windows are even worse than having no windows at all. That’s why doing what you can to protect and refresh the look of your windows is always a worthwhile investment.

They Play a Huge Part in Energy Efficiency

You might not know it, but your windows could be the thing standing between your paying half your current balance in energy bills. Even if you’ve always grown up in older, draftier houses with high ceilings, it’s important to know that keeping windows tightly sealed (but not too tightly, lest you risk a too-moist environment) against the cold or warm outside air can help you reduce the amount of energy you use creating a livable, comfortable temperature on the inside. If you have drafty, outdated, or simply inefficient windows, you’re never going to be able to cool down or warm up your home without powering up your HVAC system for hours, and even then you might be disappointed with the results. Renewing your windows at least every 20 years is always a smart move if you want to see serious savings, especially if your windows are single-paned or drafty.

They Protect Your Home from Rot

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is a rotting interior. Luckily, this kind of disaster can usually be avoided by paying close attention to leaks, drafts, and any odd-looking stains on the ceiling. What you might not know is that your windows have a large part to play in keeping your home’s actual foundation stable and secure. If you’re dealing with drafts and leaks, it only makes sense that you’d be dealing with unseen moisture buildup that could be slowly and quietly rotting your home from the inside out. Sadly, many homeowners don’t realize this until it’s too late and the symptoms can’t be ignored any longer. Keeping your home protected by using sealed, energy-efficient windows can help your home stay completely dry in the winter, no matter how much sleet, hail, and snow comes your way.

They Never Stop Working

Your windows might not seem to be doing all that much. But between letting in the light, protecting your furniture from sun damage and fading, keeping your home temperature-controlled, and keeping moisture out, your windows are pulling a lot of weight around the house. The great thing is, newer windows are built to work tirelessly to create a safer, more sustainable home environment without causing you to ratchet up your energy bills. Good windows don’t stop working to keep all the bad stuff out of your home while keeping your temperature-controlled indoor environment from leaking out for good.