4 Ideas for Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen that Speaks of Grandeur and Style


When it comes to planning kitchen interior, we mostly talk about the homes that are generally set in the city, within the walls of your modern American home. But have you thought of designing a kitchen for the home where you have planned to spend your leisurely vacations? Let’s assume, you have decided to build a house away from the hustle-bustle of the busy American city. Now, being in such a place offers you less pollution as well as less noise. And if you are also blessed with a big yard and amazing weather, then how about designing an outdoor kitchen at home?

Well, an outdoor kitchen will have certain differences from your typical indoor kitchens, which is obvious. However, there will be certain fixtures that will never change. For example, your cabinets, lights, bar or sitting arrangements. Your home is tucked away in a secluded place. So, you can surely create a kitchen that will be outdoors with all the necessary functionality and style it needs. How can you make a kitchen like this? Take a look at the following points to get inspired.

Plan the Layout with Details

When you are planning an outdoor kitchen, most people think of it as the kitchen surrounding the fireplace. However, the kitchen doesn’t necessarily a small makeshift one. You can use a side of your porch to design a kitchen that will have a roof above, only there won’t be much of a barrier by surrounding walls and doors. A kitchen like this will need the right combination of sturdy design with stone and wood along with the functionality of steel appliances. So, when you are planning to design a kitchen like this, meticulously plan the kitchen layout. Make sure that you are paying attention to each kitchen fixture.

Choose the Theme

Now, let’s talk about the visual appeal of the kitchen you are planning to design. Now, as the kitchen is partially set outside of your home, it needs to blend with the environment around as well as reflect the style of the home interior. So, when you are planning your kitchen’s theme, choose vintage appeal. The place should exude the charm and comfort of the old world while keeping the aristocracy intact.  There are plenty of places around Minneapolis, where you can get your hands on stunning vintage cabinets that you can customize according to the needs of your outdoor kitchen. Go for the fixtures that will also represent the style of the vintage theme.

Create the Color Scheme

Now, when you are trying to make your kitchen blend with the outdoor scenario around your cozy nest, think of earthy colors and hues that will make it look truly nature-inspired. Brown, golden brown, reddish-brown, green, these colors should be the dominating factors when you are trying to create such a look. For example, when you are installing cabinets, the choice should be cherry wood owing to its reddish-brown color and grainy texture. However, creating contrast can be a bold idea too. In that case, go for vintage white cabinets that will successfully revive the charm of a country kitchen in your home.

Chalk Out the Budget

Your next priority should be your budget. When the layout, design and color schemes are ready, your next job will be to chalk out the budget. You have got a more or less clear idea about what you are going to have in your outdoor kitchen. So, your next job will be planning how much money you are going to spend on it. Instruct your builder to create the space with stone. Find out where you can find discount kitchen cabinets. Research on the accessories. You will be able to find the best solution for your outdoor kitchen.

So, now you can design the dream kitchen in the lap of nature quite easily. Incorporate these ideas, hire a designer and plan accordingly. Thank me later!